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Dragon Racing International LLC
One of the key elements to Dragon Racing is their access to the world’s leading Professional Racing Drivers & Driver Coaches. Any driver training or development programme is carefully choreographed around the clients requirements and carefully selecting the most appropriate Driver Coach from the Dragon ranks.

Our pool of multi-lingual Driver Coaches include National & International Championship Winners but more importantly than their skills on the track – each are carefully chosen for their communications skills and their ability to extract the maximum potential from their students.

Our coaches range from up and coming GT stars to retired Ex-Formula 1 drivers. All have a vast depth of coaching experience & will ensure their clients make the most of every session. Whilst at all times understanding the two primary aims of Dragon Racing – Safety and Enjoyment.


Autopaint Solution (UK) Ltd
We have worked closely with Autopaint Solutions, all our paint products come from them and find they have an amazing service please contact them speak to Claire, if you require high quality paint. Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Autopaint Solutions has built a first class reputation as car paint suppliers across the UK and as an online car paint shop. We stock thousands of products from the best car paint manufacturers around the world, from House of Kolor and 3M to Valspar car body paint.

Sprayguns Direct/DeVilbiss
LCD work closely with companies such as Sprayguns Direct and our main sponsors DeVilbiss spray guns. Working and testing new products from both Sprayguns Direct and DeVilbiss its been an amazing relationship which has been of huge benefit to all parties. We purchase all our products and equipment from compressor to fittings from Sprayguns Direct we solely use DeVilbiss guns and spray equipment as we feel the product is far superior and fit for purpose, we also recommend these products.

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