Cam Donald 2016 TT Far East Arai RX7V helmet

The Client

Cameron Donald (Cam86) World Endurance racer, North West 200, Isle of Mann TT multi winner, Tours Far east circuits. Melbourne born all round amazing guy and fantastic ability on all motorcycles, of all types.

The Way

We have been designing and painting for Cam for a good few years, we never forget the first time and during the commentary of the North West and the TT coverage the commentators kept saying "here comes Cameron Donald with his distinctive helmet design." This was amazing no other rider had this and his helmet stood out a mile the most recognisable on the road racing circuit.

The Result

Motor direct and AGV/Arai specialist and very good friend James Thompson came up with this concept and I just ran with it. There is huge amount of hand painted artwork and took hours and hours to complete, two stunning helmets was completed by LCD.

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