Pure Diamond coating by LCD

The Client

The Way

The Result


Elite Diamond Concept this is the first ever Diamond coated helmet ever produced and Liquid Colour Design are really pleased with the results with this worlds first.
Not only did we use 100% diamonds within the paint we also added 24ct gold leaf to both Raffaele 2018 Stilo helmet shells that are away to the factory for building process.
Both these design has the diamonds within the paint finsih within Red and white areas of the deisgn for the Blue helmet we have included it to make the blue tone values adding different amounts of diamonds to the mix all of which we wish to keep secret and wont publish. We are working very closely with the company Elite Diamond Concept on future projects also. #Diamond #Diamonds #Elite #Bespoke #Quality #Expensive #Amazing #Helmetart #Helmet #Stilo

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