Local rally Driver Philip Allen

The Client

The Way

The Result


Philip Allen very special chromed Carbon Stilo WRC helmet from LCD. It was a pleasure working for the first time for Philip one of our local rally guys. This was a very special helmet with a portrait of his Dad that sadly past away which makes this for me a super delight to complete for him. The helmet was sent to chrome then on its return we then took it through many diferent aspects of out masking technics finishing this amazing helmet in gloss and matt finish. Handing over the helmet in person which is also very special for me. Thank you Philip for allowing me to carryout this work for you, it was a pleasure. #Happyclient #LCD #Chrome #Stilo #HelmetaRT #PORTRAIT #Airbrush #Airbrushart #Deluxe #Onlythebest #Bespoke

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